All Images By: Ashley Poskin


How to Make a Modern DIY Bird Feeder for Only $10

All in, this final product costs less than $10 and was really fun to create. Here’s how you can make your own super modern and playful bird feeder.

Various sizes plastic plates, cups, and bowls 

1⁄4” wood dowel

1” wood dowel caps

Screw eyes

Wood glue

Drill with 1⁄4” bit

Utility knife or sharp serrated knife
Scrap wood

Painter’s tape (optional)

Supplies to make your own modern DIY bird feeder:

Map out the shape of your feeder

Lay out your dishes and play around with positioning to find something unique, but also something that provides shelter for birds and decent coverage over the birdseed. 

Drill holes in the dishes

Using a 1⁄4” drill bit, carefully drill through the plastic at the center of the bottom of the dish. Use masking tape or a piece of wood to help with splintering. 

Put together the feeder

Thread the dishes onto the dowel. To hold them in place, drill through your dowel caps so that there is a hole all the way through the wood bead, and those onto the dowel, too, above and below each dish.

Glue dishes in place

Once you’ve decided on a design, move the dishes and dowel caps and add a small amount of wood glue to the dowel where the dowel caps and dishes will go.

Finish with a hook for hanging

Insert a screw eye into the very top of a dowel cap, then thread twine or fishing line through the screw eye to hang the bird feeder.