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10 Creative Ways to Reuse All Those Extra Holiday Shipping Boxes

Image Credit: Ashley Poskin

With a little crafty creativity, your boxes can be just as valuable as the gift inside them this season. Here are 10 creative ways to put those boxes to work.

Image Credit: Asia Parkar

Organize your pantry

By adding these cute little chalkboard labels, and cutting boxes into the shape of a can storage item, organization will be quick and easy.

Image Credit: dsicre_smallchanges

Set out a pile of boxes, and let everyone know they’re free

Someone’s bound to be moving near you so let others reuse your old boxes. 

Image Credit: Sarah Owen

Stack and decorate celebratory boxes

Turn boxes into celebratory decor by painting letters on the sides to spell out the name of the birthday person—or any other message.

Image Credit: feelgoodrecycling

Get control of those plastic bags floating around

Create a plastic bag holder with a cardboard box by simply wrapping it in contact paper and cutting a hole at the top. 

Image Credit: Ashley Poskin

Beautify your gift boxes

Instead of wrapping gifts, use cardboard boxes turned inside out and decorated with paint, tape, marker, or ribbon. Get instructions here.

Image Credit: Ali Schwebel

Start a band

Turn shipping boxes into a kid-sized “guitar.” Boxes make excellent drums, as well. Just add simple kitchen utensils as drumsticks, and bring on the earplugs.

Image Credit: Natasha Blair

Practice life skills for cheap

Boxes can also make entertaining kitchens, dishwashers, and washing machines for kids to play and practice with. 

Image Credit: Samantha Curtis

Create an at-home drive-in movie theater

Create your own drive-in movie theater for small children out of boxes covered in paper, modeled after cars.