The Best Indoor Garden Ideas for Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside

Image Credit: Kristan Lieb

Vegetable gardens, patio planters, and flower beds undoubtedly add appeal to any home and make for some really fun hobbies. But if you just don’t have the space, you can’t go wrong with curating your own indoor garden.

Image Credit: Elaine Musiwa

To bring some greenery into your home and experience all the benefits different plants and flowers have to offer, check out these ideas to get started.

Image Credit: Esteban Cortez

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Image Credit: Esteban Cortez

1. Similarly Sized Collection

Use a small cluster of mid-sized plants to help take up awkward blank space.

Image Credit: Cesar Bejar

2. Outdoor-Indoor
Hybrid Garden

A half-and-half garden helps blend the inside and out, making your home feel even bigger.

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Image Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

3. Eclectic Indoor Garden

Mixing and matching plants and pots makes for a visually interesting display for anywhere in your home.

Image Credit: The Domestic Heart

4. Hanging Herb Garden

Your dinners will seem even tastier with a fresh herb garden at your fingertips.

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Image Credit: Nancy Mitchell

5. Indoor Garden Closet

Commandeer a set of shelves or closet for your indoor garden.

Image Credit: Adrienne Breaux

6. Small Terrarium Garden

A few glass display cases and a handful of your favorite air plants or succulents is all it takes to form a mini plant world.

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Image Credit: Kristan Lieb

7. Colorful Hanging Garden

Plant hammocks and a variety of leafy friends can make a fun statement in any room.

Image Credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

8. Mini Succulent Garden

Create a mini succulent collection that still adds a boost of greenery but takes up little room in your home.

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Image Credit: Elaine Musiwa

9. Floating Shelf Garden

You can place plants based on their light preferences, or even rotate them as needed to keep them healthy.

Image Credit: Esteban Cortez

10. Unique Indoor Garden

For a splash of personality and color, arrange your plants around and inside your non-working or faux fireplace.

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Image Credit: Lisa Diederich 

11. Indoor Greenhouse

Adding a few fronds and leaves to a mudroom or laundry room space instantly gives it greenhouse vibes.

Image Credit: Esteban Cortez 

12. Kitchen Garden

While herbs are popular for kitchen gardens, they’re by no means the only plants that can thrive in your cook space.

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Image Credit: Carina Romano

13. Bathroom Indoor Garden

A bathroom can be a glorious location for plants, whether you stack a few on a shelf, hang one from the ceiling, or drape one from the shower head.

Image Credit: Mandy Holesht

14. Indoor Cactus Garden

Terracotta pots and cacti are a simple but striking display when wall-mounted in cutout shelves.

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Image Credit: Margaret Wright

15. Wall of Plant Cuttings

If you’ve amassed cuttings of your favorite plants, hang them in a chic wall display until they’re ready to be repotted.

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