5 Overlooked Plants That Can Survive In The (Almost) Dark


Image Credit: Viv Yapp

Image Credit: Margaret Wright

Got an underlit space but still want some foliage? These plants do well in low light, and don’t remind you of the doctor’s office.

Maidenhair Ferns have frilly, fun leaves that are different from the usual thick leaves of indoor plants. Most ferns do well inside with low light (and ferns look great in terrariums).

Maidenhair Ferns

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

These plants offer a range of leaf colors and shapes and, if you get a Rex Begonia, it will live happily without any direct light. Just make sure you don’t overwater it. Soak it and let it dry out, and repeat.


Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Mint will normally grow in a bog, so as long as you keep it moist and it gets a little bit of light, your plant should provide plenty to use in recipes. Bonus: It gives off a nice scent.


Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

This fast-growing trailing plant works well in hanging planters. It’s ideal for beginners, because it thrives in a range of soil, watering, and light conditions.

Swedish Ivy

Image Credit:  Sigit Adhi Wibowo/Shutterstock

If your light is extremely low, consider a moss terrarium. It just needs moisture and a hint of sun. Position it near a window where it can get reflected light and it should thrive.

Moss Terrariums

Image Credit: DoodleBirdie


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