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9 Things to Get Rid of Right Now Without a Second Thought


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If you’ve got the urge to get some stuff out of the house, start with this list of items you can say goodbye to right now with little thought and no impunity.

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Expired coupons

I like to put coupons I might use in Evernote, with a “delete” tag and deadline reminder so I can eliminate this paper clutter altogether.

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Old magazines

If you’re keeping them to look back at later, you won’t. If you’re keeping them for your kids to use for collages, keep three, max.

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Expired pantry items

It’s time to toss those canned goods, spices, and more. Check your local food bank for donation guidelines.

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Accessories you haven’t worn in a year or more

It means you don’t actually like them.

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Old clothes

Only keep the clothes that still spark joy. 

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Duplicate kitchen tools

Keep only the ones you reach for when you have a choice.

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Expired medication

Use these FDA guidelines for proper disposal.

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Expired cosmetics

Components separate, ingredients lose their effectiveness, and fragrances can turn rancid. Don’t put them on your body.

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Books that don’t move you 

Editing your collection leaves you with an autobiographical shelf that’s a distilled literary portrait of you—and makes room for new favorites.