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7 Kitchen Decorating Trends Designers Can’t Wait to Leave Behind in 2022


Image Credit: Diana Paulson

Let’s take a look at the seven most overdone kitchen trends, according to interior designers.

All open or floating shelves

Open shelves on either side of the vent hood are feeling very overdone and becoming a builder-grade staple. A little asymmetry doesn’t hurt. 

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Image Credit: Margaret Rajic | Stocksy

Subway tile backsplash 

There are so many alternatives to subway tiles. There’s zellige, slab splashes, and stone veneers to create more visual interest.

Monster range hoods

Large, industrial-inspired range hoods can throw off the scale in a smaller kitchen and take up valuable negative space. 

Image Credit: Natalie Officer of Natalie O Design

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

Light and white palettes for wood and cabinets

White or grey cabinets with age-old Shaker doors feels tired, and overused. Instead, try turning up the color and the texture.

High-maintenance marble countertops

Marble will etch and stain. You can try to minimize the issues, but if you hate imperfections, stay away. 

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Hanging pot racks

Pots and pans that are easy to reach. Great, right? But it’s a mess to look at. Modern kitchens have cabinets built-in, specifically for pots and pans.

Farmhouse sinks

Are the Instagram darlings really over? Yes, unless you actually lived in an old farmhouse. Plus, they waste water. 

Image Credit: Diana Paulson