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8 Kitchen Design No-Nos in 2023, According to Real Estate Agents

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I asked a few real estate agents from around the country what kitchen trends are a bad investment. These are the ones you should probably skip.

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Granite Countertops

Granite, once the gold standard of kitchen countertops, is out. Marble, wood, and concrete are better options right now. 

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Traditional Woodgrain Cabinets

Stay away from the standard wood grain cabinets, in both style and size. Also, avoid cherry-colored cabinets because they look dated.

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Open Shelving

Right now, open shelving is a gamble. It’s absolutely on trend and is eclipsing the desire for closed cabinets, but they may not have staying power.

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Closed-Off Kitchens

Just like with the rest of the home, open floor plans are in and are here to stay. Closing everything off no longer fits contemporary tastes. 

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Dark Paint and Wood

You need a large kitchen or lots of light to get away with darker colors. Dark spaces are still a detractor of value.

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DIY Backsplashes and Cabinets

Yes, it saves money, but kitchen DIYs? They’re a no-go. That includes everything from backsplashes to painted cabinets. 

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Ornate Anything

Simple and chic are in. Say no to: intricate handle pulls, decorative wood, oddly shaped islands, and styled cabinet and drawer fronts.

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Mismatched Styles

If the kitchen doesn’t match the rest of the house, it’s a deal breaker — so skip shabby chic if the rest of your home skews midcentury modern.