15 Creative Ways to Style Your Living Room Curtains

Braving the curtain aisle at your local home decor store isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s certainly an art to selecting the best curtains for your space. 

Image Credit: Emily Henderson Design

To avoid decision fatigue

we recommend shopping with a particular decorative vision in mind. Ask yourself questions like, will my curtains actually need to obscure light in my space? Am I looking to add visual interest to my living room? Where do I plan to hang my window treatments?

Image Credit: Brittany Ambridge

Find inspiration galore for styling your living room curtains and hatch a plan so your living room windows won’t be naked forever. 

Image Credit: Minette Hand

Image Credit: Emily Henderson Design

1. Try a Roman shade

With minimal upkeep required, this clean, simple style is a great option for people with kids, pets, or both.

Image Credit: Brooke Bennett

2. Go sheer

If you’re a minimalist at heart who relishes in bright, unobstructed light, look no further than white sheer curtains.

Image Credit: Emily Henderson Design 

3. Add detail with a subtle stripe

Opt for subtly striped drapes to add a touch of dimension and texture to your space. 

Image Credit: We Are Scout

4. Go monochromatic

Match your living room curtains to your wall color and finish off the look with a tonal sofa or chair. 

Image Credit: Emily Henderson Design

5. Add warmth with a wooden curtain rod

Note the other materials used in your space and select your window hardware to match.

Image Credit: Emily Henderson Design

6. Pair bright curtains with a dark rod

This simple touch creates visual contrast that draws the eye upward.

Image Credit: Emily Henderson Design

7. Try thick blackout curtains

Blackout curtains come in a variety of colors and can darken a room in an instant.

Image Credit: Emma Fiala

8. Play with darks & lights to create contrast

Layer bright white curtains against a dark wall (or vice versa) to make your window treatments pop.

Image Credit: We Are Scout

9. Cheat your curtains closer to the ceiling

Mount your living room curtains closer to the ceiling to create the illusion of height.

Image Credit: Brittany Ambridge

10. Add punch with pattern

Highlight an architectural feature by painting your trim in a darker shade & installing patterned Roman shades.

Image Credit: We Are Scout

11. Go tonal

Stick to a two to three-shade color palette in your living space and keep the curtains neutral to let in plenty of light.

Image Credit: Minette Hand

12. Double up

Give your living room a bohemian touch by layering rattan Roman shades under a classic white curtain.

Image Credit: Magali Saberian

13. Go curtain crazy

Section off your living room with drapery for an especially intimate gathering space.

Image Credit: Lauren Kolyn

14. Add personality with Shibori

Infuse color into your space with tie dye’s slightly more subtle cousin, shibori.

Image Credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

15. Add texture with macramé

Add bohemian-inspired texture to your living room via macramé curtains.

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