The 7 Biggest Living Room Decorating Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them


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For as important as living rooms are, people don’t always decorate them as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Curious what design mistakes you might be making in your living room other than layout gaffes? Here are common decorating oversights and what to do instead.

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1. You don’t have
enough seating

When it comes to furniture, the quantity and variety of pieces can be just as important as their placement and scale. Picking a few styles that will work best for your setup is all you have to do to create a welcoming living area.

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2. You’re not
changing up artwork

You don’t have to always be buying new art to implement this tip. Try swapping a piece from your bedroom, for example, into your living room gallery wall. It’s all about seeing what you have in a slightly different decorative context.

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3. Your decor doesn’t balance out your furniture

Decorative accents should be given as much thought and consideration as the furniture pieces in a living room. It’s always worth adding in a layer of your personality to a space.

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4. You’re buying furniture that isn’t built to last

Before purchasing furniture for a living room, order samples to test fabrics and finishes to see how they hold up to you really “living” with them.

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5. You’re using too small of an area rug

While area rugs are a great way to ground a living room, if they’re too small they will make a room feel disproportionate. An area rug should be large enough to go under your furniture.

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6. You’re mounting curtains too low

Hanging your curtains anywhere from three to eight inches higher than your windows will draw the eye upward, thus making your room appear loftier and your ceilings taller in the process.

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7. You’re using too many large pieces of furniture

Stick to just one or two prominent pieces which will open up the space visually. Even small spaces can benefit from a few larger scale furnishings.

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