5 Things People (Almost Always) Forget When Designing Their Living Room

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There’s the picking out of the sofa, chairs, television placement, rug color, and paint or wallpaper, but there are also a handful of things to think about that most people tend to forget when first setting up their living room.

A plan for extra seating

Your living room needs to be able to comfortably sit more than the usual group of inhabitants. So start with the seats you’ll use on a daily basis, but then consider other ways in which someone could pull up an extra seat.

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To consider a need for flexible furniture

Those with small homes might need furniture that can act as a place to pay bills, do crafts, eat dinner and more. Considering the flexibility of your furniture in the design phase can really put the “living” in living room.

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To take care of the wire management

Making a plan for how the wires are going to go (or whether wires are going to be visible) when you’re purchasing items and arranging them can make a huge impact on the space from the beginning.

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To think about furniture seat height and the impact that can have on the feel of a space

Similar seating heights in your main conversation area can help put folks at ease. But incorporating a few different seat height options around the room can cater to multiple personalities.

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That it doesn’t have to look like this forever

It’s important to remember that nothing is truly permanent. Go with your gut, try things out and know that even if you get tired of something or something doesn’t work you can always switch it out, switch it around or makeover in the future.

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