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6 Living Room No-Nos That Instantly Date Your Home, According to Designers

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Read on for six common living room no-nos — as identified by interior designers — that may make your space seem more dated than it truly is. 

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Wild Paint Colors

While color trends cycle in and out, neutrals will never truly go out of style. Consider that if your living room’s due for a fresh coat of paint.

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Steer clear of trends for big-ticket items, like furniture or window treatments. Keep those neutral instead and play around with pillows or rugs.

Super-Trendy Pieces 

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Fussy Lamps

Prevent a cluttered look and the overwhelming feeling that too many matchy-matchy or highly embellished items can create by keeping things simple. 

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It’s no secret popcorn ceilings have waned in popularity. Their cottage cheese-like texture can cast harsh shadows in a room and collect dust.

Popcorn Ceilings

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Funky Lighting

Overhead lighting can be harsh or make your space feel a little less current. Try adding other light sources to a room to create a warmer, layered look.

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Try not to get too literal with your choices. That way, you won’t wake up one day and feel like you are living on a movie set.

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