Image Credit: Matthew Williams/Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


10 Stunning Minimalist Living Rooms That Prove Less Can be Best

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

No matter the size of your living room, you can incorporate a minimalist feel. We’ve rounded up a collection of minimalist living rooms that will inspire you to test the waters of simple living.

Image Credit: Tim Williams Photography

Just the Personalized Basics

You can tell that each piece was intentionally curated and provides personality to the room without being loud or colorful.

Image Credit: Sandra Rojo

Rustic Meets Minimalism

There are plenty of minimalist living rooms that feel cozy. If you mix textures and add a few natural touches to your room, the overall feel will be warm and welcoming.

Image Credit: Jessica Isaac

Bold Color Minimalism

You can use deep, dark colors and still give your room a minimalist vibe. The key is not overfilling your space with furniture and keeping shapes simple.

Image Credit: Amber Interiors

Texture-Heavy Minimalism

Though seemingly simple, the space is full of intrigue thanks to an overload of textures—everything from earthy leather and faux fur to nubby linen and live-edge wood.

Image Credit: Matthew Williams/Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Cali-Cool Minimalism

 The clever implementation of circles throughout the room keeps the eye in constant movement while the complementary textures beg to be touched.

Image Credit: Reid Rolls/Consort Design

Bold Statement Pieces

By keeping the various seating heights at about the same eye level, the space is inviting and sight lines are open. A single oversize mirror is the only wall decor needed.

Image Credit: Studio Lifestyle

A Splash of Color

With just a few key furnishings and lighting, you can create quite the design story with minimal fluff.

Image Credit: Patrick Cline/Sasha Bikoff

Frosty Minimalism

This space brilliantly weaves a cool, almost icy palette that is still pretty inviting and filled with endless texture and sculptural wonders.

Image Credit: Nicole Hollis

Outdoor Living Room

When you’ve got a view like this, who needs more than a place to sit and take it all in? This room is simple and unstuffy to let the vistas do the heavy aesthetic lifting.

Image Credit: Genieve Garruppo/Leanne Ford Interiors

Cozy Meets Brutalism

What else does a living room really need, aside from a pair of oversize sofas to sink into at the end of a long day?

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