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10 Minimalist Bedrooms to Inspire You to Design Your Own Dreamy Space


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Our bedrooms are places of respite and relaxation, so it’s no surprise that minimalist bedrooms have been trending. People have embraced minimalism and added their own personal touches, whether that’s a bohemian twist or statement art. 

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1. Finding equilibrium in a minimalist bedroom can be the difference between the look feeling cold and stylishly lived-in.

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2. The exposed wooden beams are statement enough in this bedroom in an 18th-century Dutch warehouse. 

Image Credit: Elissa Crowe

3. Personalized artwork and comfy textiles take this home’s bedroom to a chic new level.

Image Credit: Winkie Visser

4. Boasting a stripped wooden bed frame and a simple bedside table, this room is a textbook definition of minimalism.

Image Credit: Winkie Visser

5. If the structure of the rest of your room is simple, you can definitely find a way to make color coexist with your four walls.

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6. White bedrooms can begin to look the same after a while, which is why putting your own spin on decor is important.

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7. This home features an unfinished piece of wood as a headboard which comes off as cool and minimal.

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8. It’s all about making an impact with a small number of decorative items when you’re working with a streamlined room, so make them count.

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9. The white neon sign in this bedroom goes to show that you don’t have to use color to make a statement.

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10. Rustic but not bare, this simple bedroom featured in a renovated textile factory strictly adheres to the guidelines of minimalism without sacrificing style.

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