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10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet


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To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up this super helpful list of ways to organize your bedroom closet. Whether you have a walk-in closet or strategically-placed clothing rack, we have a little bit of something for everyone.

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Wall racks and hangers are easy to install, and there are plenty of closet systems to choose from.

Turn a Room into a Closet

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Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high.

Place Items Thoughtfully

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They have a cleaner look that will care for your clothes and help you stay organized. Wooden hangers are a more sophisticated alternative to the flimsier plastic hangers.

Use Coordinated Hangers

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Get creative and use an umbrella stand or a large wicker basket to hold odd items like yoga mats.

Don't Forget Floor Space

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Boxes, cubbies, tiered shelves, and hanging organizers are all good options.

Invest in Shoe Organizers

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The space above and below the closet rod can store more. If you don’t have built-in shelves, you can easily install them yourself.

Use Vertical Space

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Curtains or hanging screens add aesthetic appeal and they make your closet more functional for a small space.

Replace Closet Doors

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Hooks are a great way to create extra storage for coats, bags, or towels. Even if you don’t have room in your closet, you can always add hooks to your walls or on the back of your door.

Use Empty Wall Space

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Take advantage of bulky luggage and use them to store out-of-season linens, blankets, or sweaters. You can store them in your closet, under the bed—or utilize them elsewhere as decor.

Repurpose Suitcases

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Make more room in your closet by storing out-of-season clothes in boxes up high or, even better, out of sight under the bed. Storage beds are small-space saviors, but you can make do with smart under bed storage.

Look High and Low