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6 Overdone Kitchen Trends That Buyers Are Tired of, According to Real Estate Experts


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Making your home stand out to buyers is key to closing the deal in a timely manner. One unexpected factor that can make this difficult? Trends. There are some beloved (and timeless) looks that many homeowners adore.

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Image Credit: Lana Kenney

But when house hunters keep seeing the same contrived styles, the déjà vu effect activates, effectively switching off buyers’ interest. Real estate experts weigh in on popular trends that buyers are over. 

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All-white everything

Seeing these white kitchens repeatedly is starting to deter buyers. Krisztina Bell, founder of No Vacancy Home Staging in Atlanta, says there’s an easy fix for this: Paint your island or cabinets a shade of gray or navy blue.

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Impractical light fixtures

Light fixtures are a design element that can leave a powerful impression. But if a buyer sees out-of-the-box lamps or lights, the idea of buying new fixtures to replace them could feel daunting. Aesthetic appeal can’t replace functionality here. 

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Subway tiles

Subway tiles seem to go hand in hand with white kitchens, but buyers want to see something fresh. Shirin Sarikhani, the founder and CEO of Seattle Staged to Sell says, “The new trend is adding interest [with] the tile getting more decorative.”

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Closed-off cabinetry

Says Chicago-based realtor Amy Wu, “[Open shelving] creates the perfect setup for those who love a great decor option and open feel, which makes the space (and its owners) appear more inviting and trustworthy.” Any opportunity for buyers to envision showcasing their personality is key.

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Too many design details

Buyers are wary of highly stylized kitchens, not just because the styles might not fit their preferences, but also because it could take a lot of money and effort to redo it. Tone down your styles and eliminate highly personalized details.

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Being a one-trick pony

Whereas kitchens of the past served as command centers, today they’re all about unwinding. “It’s like the island is where everyone hangs out now for entertainment,” Bell says. “It’s not a two-barstool island anymore, it’s four to six.”

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