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These 7 Clever Tricks Create a “Perfect” Bathroom, According to Real Estate Agents

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Even if you think your bathroom has all the essentials right now, quick fixes like switching out your shower head or sink fixture can help give it modern and luxurious flair. Here, real estate agents provide seven simple things that create the perfect bathroom. 

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Stylish rugs

Real estate agent Nicole Christie says you should ditch classic bath mats. “Runners are great — or, smaller size antique rugs give the bathroom a modern, fresh feel,” she says.

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Good lighting

Real estate agent Lindsey Koolik says natural light is ideal, but if your bathroom lacks a window, you can make up for it. Simply changing the wattage around your sink’s mirror can reinvigorate the space.

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Framed artwork

Statement artwork brings your personality into the bathroom. Christie says to go for glass-framed artwork or vintage textiles. The best way to incorporate more than one piece of art? Hang a series of similarly themed photos.

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Storage pieces

“Choose an accent piece that works for the immediate needs like the towels, and then make sure that your closed-door storage can hold what you need so you don’t have to have bottles outside,” Christie says. “You can also be creative with floating shelves.”

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Soothing paint colors with accent wallpaper

Neutral wall colors bring tranquility. “The darker the colors are in the bathroom, the less you’re going to see the natural light.” If quiet hues aren't your thing, Koolik says adding wallpaper behind the vanity can create an accent wall that’s not overbearing.

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New fixtures

Updating the hardware in your bathroom goes a long way. “It’s such an accessible way to either go really vintage or go modern,” Christie says. “You can change the whole look of your bathroom and utilize the same plumbing.” 

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Scent diffusers

A good scent is the hallmark of a luxurious bathroom. Koolik recommends putting a scent diffuser or candle of your favorite scent in the bathroom. “Subconsciously every time you walk in, it switches the way you’re thinking and brings happiness to you,” she says.

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