10 Things Pro Organizers Really
Wish You Wouldn't Do


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What are the biggest mistakes you’re making when it comes to organizing? We reached out to some of the best in the biz to discover the things pro organizers really wish you wouldn’t do.

1. You’re buying products without measuring your space

Get out your tape measure, a piece of paper, and a calculator to make sure what you are buying will really solve your organizational problems.

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2. You’re buying lots of different styles & sizes of products

Keep things simple and stick to
just a few different products per space.
The same goes for sizes.

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3. You pick your storage solutions too soon.

Storage solutions are best left for dessert: the treat you get after you’ve cleared your plate.

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4. You’re clinging to a specific theme or aesthetic

A consistent aesthetic can make your space feel more cohesive, but too much decor is counterproductive.

5. You’re keeping unnecessary items in your home

Your space didn’t become disorganized overnight. Most clutter accumulates over time, out of habit.

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6. You’re impulse shopping

Shop mindfully by keeping items in your cart for 24 hours before clicking “buy.”

7. You’re storing bins without labeling them

Bins can be a great asset for keeping your things orderly so put stickers on the sides so they’re easy to ID.

8. You’re keeping items in their original packing

Boxes take up unnecessary space and add clutter so get rid of packaging to make it easier to see how much is left.

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9. You’re approaching organization as one-and-done

Have a daily organizing routine you can achieve in the long-run.

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10. You’re striving for perfection

Instead of aiming for a perfectly organized home, which can be paralyzing, pick an area and just get started.


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