The Home Trends We’ll See Everywhere in 2021, As Predicted by Real Estate Pros


Image Credit: Lauren Kolyn

As we start a new year with months of a global pandemic behind us (and hopefully few awaiting us), experts share their home trend predictions for 2021. 

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An established home office

Image Credit: Bethany Nauert

Nashville-area real estate agent Zach Opheim says, “Buyers are starting to want more of a dedicated home office space, if not two office-like locations within the house as the work-from-home lifestyle continues to grow.”

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Warmth and coziness

Daniela Benloulou of Hamsa Home predicts a shift in everything from fixtures to textiles as “Comfy, cozy, and round versus what used to be ‘in’ a few years ago, which is more sharp lines and cooler colors and cooler metals.”

Image Credit: Winkie Visser

Textured accent walls 

One way cooped up folks stimulate the senses? Textured accent walls. “Instead of just the color change on one wall, homeowners are looking to make a more ‘creative’ way of changing the room’s look,” Opheim says.

Image credit: Pablo Enriquez

Customized outdoor spaces

To help their home meet all their needs, people will want “the ideal backyard with features such as a patio and/or deck, a fence for privacy, pergolas, pools, etc.” says Chicago-based realtor Amy Wu.

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And customized
indoor spaces, too

Replacing a currently inaccessible external resource with an in-home zone has been crucial for many. Says Krisztina Bell, founder of No Vacancy Home Staging in Atlanta: “We’ve even done yoga spaces in our virtual staging.”

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