Image Credit: Adrienne Breaux

15 Cool Retro Bathroom Ideas That Will Work in Your Modern Home


Image Credit: Hayley Kessner

Here’s all the inspiration you need to create a bathroom that’ll transport you back in time whenever you set foot in your space.

Image Credit: Rebecca Proctor

A sweet pink and white color scheme

This bathroom is girly in the best way with a pink pedestal sink, tiles, and more. The Art Deco-inspired mirror plays into the vibe.

Image Credit: Bug and Bean Stitching

Appreciate green done right

The idea of a green sink and toilet may set off an alarm bell in your mind, but it’s done so right in this unique bathroom.

Image Credit: Bethany Nauert

Embrace unique tiles

The sweet floral tiles in this teal and white bathroom are so unique. Try installing a similar statement tile in your space.

Image Credit: Erin Galvin

Keep things fun with pink and blue tiles

You can’t find a more quintessentially ’50s bathroom than one in pink and light blue. A retro portrait gives it a ’60s touch, too. 

Image Credit: Amy Stewart

Embrace yellow

For a dose of classic period style, look no further than the scalloped sconces, black tile trim, and pedestal sinks. The light yellow walls warm things up.

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

Consider a retro pink tub

In this cute Los Angeles home, the peachy pink, black, white, and burgundy tile, along with the smooth pink tub, are reminiscent of the ’50s. 

Image Credit: Chas Metivier

Take a trip to the ‘70s

While the thought of an all orange bathroom might sound like a tricky design scheme to pull off, it just works in this bathroom. 

Image Credit: Jacqueline Marque

Install retro pink and black tiles

One look at black-and-pink tile, and it’s tough not to think back to the times of drive-in theaters, diners, and poodle skirts.

Image Credit: Heather Keeling

Go back in time to the ‘60s

For a ’60s vibe, mint green is a great choice. This bathroom still feels fresh though, thanks to wooden accents and some well placed plants.

Image Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

Install floor-to-ceiling black tiles

All black tile, marble, and gold accents bring a glamorous ’80s vibe into this retro Montreal home’s bathroom.

Image Credit: Monique Larroux

Embrace metallics

Metallic accents mixed with opulent marble give this colorful Nashville bathroom subtle Regency Moderne influences.

Image Credit: Heather Keeling

Add a touch of mid-century modern

The Sputnik-reminiscent decor, funky patterned shower curtain, and blue bathroom fixtures make for a colorful tribute to retro design. 

Image Credit: Sherrie and Oliver

Throw it back with checkered tiles

A ’50s influence can be seen in the pink tub and checkerboard floor combo in this small bathroom. 

Image Credit: Adrienne Breaux

Combine mint and peach

Nothing screams retro quite like pastel tile. The peach and mint palette seen in this Austin home provide a touch of old school style in a bathroom. 

Image Credit: Hayley Kessner

Combine florals with a vintage clawfoot tub

This farmhouse bathroom features a clawfoot tub, floral curtains, and rustic wood—all elements that perfectly capture the 1920s.