Before Warmer Weather Sets In, Here Are 8 Wise Things to Declutter


Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

The change of season lends a cyclical rhythm to our lives. In the spirit of saying goodbye to the past season and getting prepared for the coming one, we’ve made a list of some smart things to declutter as the warmer weather starts to set in.

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Image Credit: Laura Magee

Cold weather clothes

You know the coat you always reached for and the boots that stayed on the closet shelf all season? Get them out of your house now, before another winter comes and you think you might wear them (but won’t, again).

Image Credit:  Adrienne Breaux


Extra blankets

Your family’s blanket usage is also fresh in your mind—how many got used during movie night, which kids prefer to grab blankets from the bed, and more. Donate your excess blankets, wash what’s left, and stow them for use next year.

Image Credit: Erika Astrid | Stocksy


Your plants and planters

Toss dead plants, pass along unhappy ones to your green-er thumbed friends, and make sure to trim dead parts off of the plants you do keep. Along these lines, go through your collection of plant pots, saucers, baskets, etc.


Image Credit:  Ghazalle Badiozamani

Excess serving ware

Now that holiday hosting is behind us, take out all of your platters, drink dispensers, specialty napkins, and serving utensils and keep only the old faithfuls you reach for again and again.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman


Your cleaning supplies

Spring cleaning season is coming up, and you’re far more likely to be in the mood if you don’t have to wade through a mess of floor mops you never use to get to the steam cleaner.

Image Credit: Shyvoronkova Kateryna


Your summer products

Time to go through your sunscreens and bug sprays. Toss anything that’s expired or that has separated (give each tube a little squeeze to find out).


Image Credit:  Sarah Crowley

The tea collection

Since it may be awhile before you consume hot tea as regularly as you might have been doing during colder weather, take a moment to thin out your collection now.


Image Credit:  Sarah Crowley

Your freezer

As the temperature shifts, your cooking may as well. Take stock of what’s hiding in the freezer and make plans to use it up so you have plenty of room for summer’s popsicles and ice cream.

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