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4 Things You Should Always Do at the Airport Before Boarding

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I gathered some tips from the pros — a flight attendant as well as gold status flyers — to get you through the airport and onto your plane in the best and most relaxed way.

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Use the bathroom.

The boarding line lasts a while — especially if you’re on a larger flight. Take that time to use the restroom.

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Check your bags for prohibited items.

Unless you want to lose your things to the TSA, check your bag before heading to airport, especially for international flights. 

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Dress for smooth security.

You know that person fumbling with their shoes and belt and pockets and everything in the security line? Don’t be that person. 

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Get comfortable.

So you’re about to be on a plane for a long time. It’s time to get comfortable! Pro tip: bring hotel slippers that you can swap for your shoes on flights.