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The Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Thrift Store Section I Always Make a Beeline For

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Don't miss these areas the next time to go thrifting, and who knows, maybe you find treasure. 

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Try-On Racks

One person’s castoffs are another person’s treasures — and that rings true for the entire thrift store, but especially the racks outside the dressing room. 

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You can find great titles for a steal, although you do have to do a bit of searching. My faves: vintage children’s books and photo-laden coffee table books.


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This section is a treasure trove. I once found a $120 T-shirt for a mere $2.50!

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These shelves hold hidden gems, from a retro replacement for your broken mug or a new glass vase to show off some fresh flowers. 


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It’s the perfect place to find ready-made frames that would otherwise cost a small fortune at an art store. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for original art.