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6 Things Wrong with Trader Joe’s, According to Fans on Reddit

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There are a few things about Trader Joe's that are less-than-perfect, according to a thread on the r/traderjoes Subreddit —though the reasons behind them may be more complicated than you think. 

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Small Parking Lots 

“The number of parking spaces is based on the square footage of your space, not how many customers,” says President of Stores Jon Basalone.

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When Things Get Discontinued

Part of TJ's appeal is that there are always new and exciting products to try. This, unfortunately, means that good items are discontinued.

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The Best Products Are Seasonal

Everyone loves TJ’s because of their  seasonal products. But, this means that some of the most beloved products are only in-store once a year. 

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Big Crowds

It seems like sometimes the checkout lines are so long and winding that you might as well grab a spot in line as soon as you walk in the door and shop as you go. 

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No Self-Check Out Lines 

Trader Joe’s has no self-checkout lines. However, this is probably a benefit in the end: more employee opportunities. 

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Produce Uses A Lot Of Plastic Packaging 

Luckily, the store announced plans to eliminate more than 1 million pounds of plastic from stores in the coming years.