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The 7 Trees You Should Never Plant in Your Yard, According to Real Estate Pros


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If you’re thinking of selling your house one day, or maybe you want to liven up your yard by planting a new tree, consider these before breaking out the shovel.

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Red Oak

A beautiful but annoying tree when it comes to maintenance, the Red Oak produces hard-to-clean leaves and acorns.

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Silver Maple

The Silver Maple is a fast-growing shade tree with a shallow root system that can cause turf and concrete issues. It’s also weak and prone to breakage. 

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They're known to be messy because their fruit stains just about everything. Plus, their aggressive roots routinely cause damage.

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Its rapid growth leads to a weak structure prone to breakage and damage from storms and wind. And those fluffy seeds stick to everything.

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Female Ginkgo

A female will bear small round fruits that are slippery and emit a foul odor. Plant male Ginkgo trees instead. 

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Bradford Pear

These trees have weak branches that can easily break off in severe weather and their flowers smell unappealingly fishy. 

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Sweet Gum

Sweet Gum seed pods or “gumballs” fall in autumn and winter and are very difficult to rake up.