You Might Seriously Regret These Trendy Paint Styles When It’s Time to Sell Your Home


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As a shrewd homeowner,

should you be re-thinking your personal flair when it comes time to sell? Experts weighed in when it comes to painting trends and the longevity of their popularity in the housing market. Ahead, some trends they recommend you avoid ahead of a sale.

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Painted kitchen cabinets 

“Sometimes they’re in a muted grey, or as bold as a navy blue,” says Ali Joyce, a realtor from Boston. “It’s really hot right now, but I can see it becoming a fad and going out of style very quickly.”

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If you do decide to try

this style, Donel Beals, founder of Interiors by Donel, says, “You want to make sure you’re doing the lighter color on top, and the heavier color down below near the ground or it will [make the kitchen] look off.”

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“Wallpaper makes a huge statement and I would say follow the same rules for it as you would painting,” says Alix Giannetti, a Boston-based realtor. “Stick with nature-inspired, neutral colors, something that’s not too loud. People should be able to see their own style in it.”

Bold prints &
textured wallpaper

Another risky trend?

Textured wallpaper, such as linen, wood imitation, or faux leather. Dark wood paneling on walls can make a home feel outdated and stuck in the ‘70s.

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If you use a color that’s really trendy, like millennial pink, it can be tedious to change it later, as the trim is a more exact surface area than a wall. That means it’s a little harder to paint.

Painted trim

Most homeowners &

buyers prefer white trim and molding, as other colors might make the room look smaller.

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