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5 “Easy” Houseplants That Are Actually Really Hard, According to an Expert Plant Parent

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Some plants have a much more easygoing reputation than they deserve. These five are the worst offenders. 

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This common yet finicky plant doesn't like cooler temperatures, requires lots of light, and is sensitive to overwatering and under-watering.


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 Rex begonias need high humidity but hate to be overwatered, and require distilled water (hard water dries their leaves out) -- so don't dare water them from the tap!

Rex begonia

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Watch out for wilting leaves, typically because of “drought stress.” Your peace lily will bounce back a few times after you forget to water, but eventually it will become permanently droopy.

Peace Lily

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Spider plants freak out when they are over- or under-watered. That means it's tough to hit the “just right” mark. So if you’re a true beginner, skip this one.

Spider Plant

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These need to be watered surprisingly often. They also require a ton of bright light to thrive and produce those long strings of leaves. A south facing, non-obstructed window is best.

String of Pearls

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