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8 Shows To Watch If You’re Caught Up with “Firefly Lane”


“Firefly Lane,” Netflix’s soapy and heartfelt drama on the relationship of childhood best friends, left watchers yearning for a second season. Featuring troublesome romances and workplace drama to lifetime friendships and self-reflection, these eight shows are ideal choices to stream next.

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This show’s main character Liza Miller has a similar story to “Firefly Lane”’s Kate Mularkey. “Younger” features supportive and loving friendships resembling the strong bond between Tully and Kate.

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Why watch a show between two best friends, when you can watch one between four? “Girlfriends” takes you on a rollercoaster of romance, friendships, and the continuous struggle of women trying to navigate adulthood the best way they can. 

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Grace & Frankie

The show follows Grace and Frankie, once rivals-turned-best friends, after their husbands leave them for each other. Their on-screen chemistry is contagious, as the series explores their complex yet emotionally supportive friendship.

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Sweet Magnolias

This 10-episode series follows Maddie Townsend on her journey to open a spa with her two friends after her husband’s affair leaves his mistress pregnant. The show does a great job of highlighting mental health and divorce while adding humor and drama.

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Gilmore Girls

“Gilmore Girls” explores the relationship between Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory. Through the show's seven seasons, you’ll follow the challenges Lorelai faces as a single, independent mom running a bed-and-breakfast with her best friend Sookie.

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Little Fires Everywhere 

Set in Shaker Heights, Ohio, in the 1990s, “Little Fires Everywhere” stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, who play two mothers intertwined by motherhood, secrets, and a clash of cultural and socioeconomic differences.

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Ginny & Georgia 

Ginny is a troubled teenager frustrated by the free-spirited and childish antics of her mom, Georgia, who gave birth to Ginny as a teen as well as her half brother, Austin. They try to settle into their new home despite their troubled past.

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Rizzoli & Isles 

Jane Rizzoli is the only female police officer in Boston’s homicide vision and Maura Isles is her medical examiner best friend. Crime, drama, and romance collide as this series explores their strong bond and personal lives as accomplished and hardworking women.

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