Image Credit: Stefanie Archer


The Smartest, Most Stylish Homes Under 350 Square Feet We’ve Seen This Year

Image Credit: Emily Soon

If you’re considering downsizing, but aren’t ready to sacrifice your style, I’ve got news for you — you don’t have to! Check out these clever and super stylish homes that are all smaller than 350 square feet.

Image Credit: Stefanie Archer

This small studio uses paint to distinguish between living areas.

Quirky details like a disco ball bounces light all around the room, making this home feels much bigger than its actual size.

Image Credit: David Bettencourt

A 187-square-foot school bus’s rock wall is just one of the clever ideas within.

The space is light, bright, and full of space to live, learn and play. It’s even got a rock climbing wall!

Image Credit: Caleb Brackney

This bus has a piano, kitchenette, large bedroom nook, and closet, all rolled into one.

The dark and moody decor makes this converted skoolie super chic and stylish. 

Image Credit: Gracie Brett

Multi-functional furniture and smart storage makes 100-square-feet look chic, nice, and neat.

The most functional piece is a couch that seamlessly converts to a full-sized bed at night. 

Image Credit: Kristen Rosario

This 294-square-foot studio shows how minimal furnishings can make a small space feel larger.

The kitchen is small, yet cozy, and full of art on the open shelves. 

Image Credit: Lily Fuentez

Determined to live by the beach, this renter transformed her teeny studio.

This tiny space required some extra DIY skills a bit, like creating a cute kitchenette in a former closet.

Image Credit: Christian Arias

This 300-square-foot condo proves that “tiny luxury” is absolutely a thing.

Striking the right balance of items to fit in the space — and not make it look cluttered — was a struggle but he definitely succeeded. 

Image Credit: Jenn Tranbarger

This 326-square-foot studio employs light decor and a big mirror to make it feel spacious.

Jenn Tranbarger decorated her entire studio in New York from scratch and she did an amazing job. 

Image Credit: Emily Wickstrom

This 330-square-foot modern beauty is packed with renter-friendly improvements.

She swapped out the silver kitchen pendants for one large rattan one.

Image Credit: Emily David

This tiny house’s DIY makeshift kitchen is just one of its clever features.

Emily David‘s colorful 210-square-foot tiny house is full of so much character, it almost feels like walking through a quirky museum. 

Image Credit: Emily Soon

This 72-square-foot van is a wanderer’s dream home on wheels.

Her van is a self-designed, professionally-built van conversion with all the modern touches of a house, just on a smaller scale.

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