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5 Unsafe Design Trends Home Inspectors Wish You’d Stop Doing


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When it comes to home design, the popular trends don’t always heed a “safety first” warning. Here are five home trends that give property inspectors pause.

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Floating Shelves

While adding floating shelves may seem easy, many of the DIY installations don’t have adequate support. Make sure you use molly bolts or wall anchors. 

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Vintage Appliances 

Vintage appliances may add a little whimsy to your kitchen. But not only are replacement parts hard to source, some of these can be a fire hazard. 

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Tip: If you love the retro look, there are many appliance manufacturers who are replicating the designs to meet modern standards.

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Exposed Brick 

Brick is porous, and not a great insulator, meaning your home is less energy efficient and insects can get into your home.

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Tip: if you do move into a home with exposed brick walls, be sure to apply a sealant to the wall to help protect it from  moisture.

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Nixing Handrails 

Handrails may not be the most exciting design element in your home. Still, they exist for safety reasons and can help prevent nasty falls. 

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Floating Staircases

They're ultra-contemporary but  are often plagued with safety problems. Many don’t have handrails, or ones that wouldn’t be considered graspable.