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8 Up-and-Coming Kitchen Trends Real Estate Agents Love Seeing


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Here are eight kitchen trends that have caught the attention of realtors this year, who say they have some staying power.

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Restored antiques

There has been a decrease in complete kitchen overhauls. Instead, homeowners are getting creative by updating their kitchen’s original features. 

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A second dishwasher

Amid a new norm of working from home and remote learning, families have been preparing three meals a day at home and want to keep stacks of dishes from piling up in the sink and overtaking countertops.

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Ultra-organized pantries

“When my clients see a well-organized and labeled pantry, they actually swoon,” says Brandon Marianne Lee, a New York City real estate agent with Triplemint.

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Open shelving

“It can make a small space look larger and allow for a homeowner to display dishes or useful collectibles like pots and pans.” — Barbara Callan, a San Francisco realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty

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Touchless appliances

From motion-activated water taps to a smart fridge that will notify your grocery delivery app that you need more milk, mainstream kitchens are evolving to become more high-tech.

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Pops of color

“People are starting to have fun with cabinetry and appliances in a way that I haven’t seen since 1950s and 1960s design,” says Katharine Deering, a Los Angeles real estate agent. “Think blue kitchen islands or cherry-red ovens.”

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Leafy views

Today’s buyers are requesting a kitchen with a view. Buyers are also interested in kitchens in close proximity to outdoor space for convenient outdoor dining and grilling. 

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Indoor gardens

Post-pandemic, the kitchen gardening movement will remain popular, as it cuts down on plastic consumption and food transportation.