All Images: Kate Johnson

This Small, Renovated 1959 A-Frame Cabin Is One of the Cutest We’ve Ever Seen

Name: Jo Ann Thrailkill, boyfriend Sam, and son Harvey

Location: San Bernadino Mountains  Running Springs, California

Type of home: A-Frame Cabin/Chalet

Size: 830 square feet

Years lived in: A little over a year owned

My sweet little A-frame was built in 1959 and dubbed “The Star on the Rim” by the original owner.

I’ll have to say the kitchen is my favorite room. It’s the one place that I spent the most time, energy, and money. 

We built our IKEA Semihandmade cabinets ourselves and chose small-format European appliances to support the small space without sacrificing quality. 

If you can afford it… take your time. I collected things for my dream cabin for a couple of years before starting to look at properties.

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