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16 Ways to Feel Healthier at Home


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We aimed to find ideas that cover a variety of situations, from keeping germs out to avoiding physical injuries to doing things that make you smile. So pick your favorites!

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Take off your shoes at the door.

“Keep the outside out.” The bottoms of your shoes track in dirt and germs, so keep a pair of slippers by the door to change into at home. 

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Got stairs in your house or building? Take time every day to do some reps going up and down. Your heart rate will be going in no time. 

Take the stairs, again and again.

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Organize your spices.

Spices and seasonings are easy ways to add flavor and health benefits to your food. Keeping your collection organized will make you use them more often. 

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Mindfulness is a single point of focus. Following a recipe can fit the bill, so consider this a reason to whip up your favorite dessert. 

Make something from scratch.

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Sip on a soothing tea.

Drinking tea, whether it’s black, green, or herbal, may provide a plethora of health benefits, and can definitely become part of a self-care ritual. 

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Store your produce at eye level in the fridge or on the counter to keep it top-of-mind whenever you’re looking for a snack. 

Keep produce at eye level. 

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Cook with loved ones.

Inviting family members and friends over to take part in the cooking process is a great way to connect.

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Clear and wipe down your counters to combat disease-causing germs and make the room feel instantly tamer. 

Wipe down your kitchen counters.

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Make your bed.

The simple habit not only makes your room look instantly cleaner but helps you sleep better at night. Guess mom was really onto something…

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Start your day with some gentle movement to get your blood flowing and shake off the stiffness of sleep. Stretching helps you be more flexible, too.

Stretch for 10 minutes. 

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Try a white noise machine. 

It’ll block out excess sound, especially if you live on a busy street, to help you sleep better. 

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Darkening your bedroom is key to supporting healthy, deep sleep. If blackout curtains are out of your budget, opt for an eye mask. 

Splurge on a silk eye mask. 

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Hang eucalyptus in your shower.

The plant’s oils get activated by steam every time you wash — which may help reduce stress and potentially support respiratory health. 

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Yes, it may seem like a self-care cliché, but hot baths can relax muscles, contribute to mental relaxation, and can help you sleep better.

Take a night soak. 

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Empty out your medicine cabinet.

Why are you hanging onto that expired bottle of sunscreen from 2015? You’ll feel so much better if you bag it. 

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It’s a “shocker,” but the practice of bathing in cold water has been credited with reducing pain and inflammation, soothing skin conditions, and more. 

Try a cold shower.