What to Plant in August, Because Gardening Season Is Still in Full Swing


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Just because it’s the end of summer it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to plant in the garden. Here are five fabulous things to plant in August.

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Chrysanthemums are a fall staple. For gorgeous, unique blooms try “Seaton’s Ruby” or “Moira”. If you’re feeling nostalgic, go for the traditional florist mums!


Spider flowers are a great option if you are looking for a plant that’ll provide blooms throughout the hot days and into the chilliness of fall. 

Spider Flowers

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Image Credit: Milcho Petrov Milev/Shutterstock

Once the temperatures have begun to cool off at the end of the month, conditions will begin to ripen to plant bulbs for spring.

Spring Bulbs 

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Choose herbs that can tolerate a lot of sun and heat. Look for plants that originate in the Mediterranean, which are great options for the August sun and heat. 


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Now is the time to scour nurseries and garden centers for those expensive perennials you’ve been lusting over and get them at unbeatable prices.