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How Cold Does It Have to Be Before You Bring Your Plants Inside?


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An inevitable part of being a plant parent is figuring out what to do with all your outdoor plants—and even your indoor houseplants —when the temperature starts to drop.

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When nighttime temperatures reach 45 degrees (F), it’s time to bring your plants indoors. 

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According to the Department of Plant and Soil Science at the University of Vermont, most tropical plants will suffer damage if temperatures drop below 40. 

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But what are the steps you need to take before bringing your green friends indoors?

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Make sure they’re pest and disease free

This means you may have to prune, repot and replant them. To get insects out of your plants, try soaking in lukewarm water.

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Slowly introduce them to their new environment

Gradually acclimate your plants. For a few days, bring them in at night, then back out in the day. 

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Make a nice home for them

Make sure you clear an area in your home for them that gets plenty of sunlight in order for them to stay healthy and happy. 

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Only keep plants that are thriving

If you have outdoor plants that are struggling, it might be time to let go.