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You Know Your Zodiac Sign — But Do You Know Your Planetary Color?

Image Credit: Viv Yapp

Learn more about the world of planetary colors via the 12 signs of the zodiac and their ruling planet. 

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Aries: Bright red

Aries are naturally bold, enterprising, and unafraid. This Fire sign gravitates toward red, the color attributed to their planetary ruler, Mars.

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

Taurus: Green

Your ruling planet, Venus, governs all things sensual, relational, and aesthetically pleasing. Venus is associated with the color green.

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

Gemini: Multi-colored

Geminis are perhaps best described by the word “mercurial,” which nods to their ruling planet, Mercury. Celebrate your complexity with a mix of colors.

Image Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

Cancer: White

The moon rules Cancer and it is associated with the color white. Anything silky, shimmery, or soft to the touch gets bonus points.

Image Credit: Margaret Wright

Leo: Gold

As if I’d recommend anything else for the lion of the zodiac! Like the Moon, the Sun only rules one sign: the loyal, charismatic, and self-oriented Leo. 

Image Credit: Viv Yapp

Virgo: Maroon

The planet of communication and transactions rules Virgo, too. Try incorporating hints of maroon into your work attire or communiqués. 

Image Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

Libra: Pastels

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. Channel this mutable sign’s changeability with pleasant pastel colors, like pink or lilac.

Image Credit: Carina Romano

Scorpio: Terracotta

Scorpio shares its ruling planet, Mars, with Aries. Those with placements in this elusive sign should experiment with terracotta.

Image Credit: Viv Yapp

Sagittarius: Blue, green, or teal

The most grandiose of the Fire signs, Sagittarius owes its passion and penchant for philosophizing to Jupiter, its planetary ruler. 

Image Credit: Katy Cartland

Capricorn: Espresso

This serious Earth sign is ruled by Saturn. Espresso is a rich, dependable neutral that can ground even the most outlandish of color palettes. 

Image Credit: Erin Derby

Aquarius: Black

This color is linked to cerebral, innovative Aquarius, the other sign ruled by Saturn. Its eye-catching, inky depth aligns perfectly with rebellious Aquarius.

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Pisces: Silver

Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter. Connect with your Piscean je ne sais quoi via accents of silver. Objects with metallic are especially apt.