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The One Thing You’re Forgetting to Clean, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Now is the perfect time to strategize new cleaning resolutions.

Why not renew your focus on an area of your home you tend to neglect?

To help you figure out what to zone in on, 

here’s what you’re most likely forgetting to clean, based on your astrological sign.

Aries: Oven grates and racks

Let's face it, Aries isn’t exactly known for patience and probably can’t handle the soaking process required to get that cooked-on grime washed away—but it’s time. 

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Taurus: Throw blankets & pillows

Comfortable, sensual Taurus loves to cozy up under a blanket—but when was that throw last washed?

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Gemini: Your phone

For all that time Gemini spends texting and browsing on their phone, it probably needs a little cleaning.

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Cancer: Picture frames 

 Emotional Cancers definitely surround themselves with photos and inspirational artwork. But picture frames—on the shelf and on the wall—can collect tons of dust.

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Leo: Trash can

Regal Leo might be turned off by such a menial task as wiping down the bin, inside and out, but it’s got to get done—especially if you want to avoid smells in your kitchen!

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Virgo: The vacuum (& other cleaning tools)

There’s not a lot that escapes Virgo’s “clean freak” nature. But your cleaning supplies need to be cleaned, too—especially since you use them so much.

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 Libra: The floor or rug under the sofa

In a desire for harmony, Libra is the least likely sign to be moving their furniture out of place when they vacuum. But who knows what’s accumulating under the couch?

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Scorpio: Your mattress

Not saying Scorpio’s a freak, but not not saying that. Clean your mattress!

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Sagittarius: Shower curtain liner

Sagittarius is always mentally, if not physically, in outer space—so they probably haven’t noticed how funky the curtain liner gets in their shower.

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Capricorn: Ceiling fans and light fixtures

Earthy, grounded Capricorn knows how to get things done—but when was the last time you looked up?

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Aquarius: Air vents

There’s really only one tedious way to clean air vents—wiping them down, blade by blade—and Aquas hate that.

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Pisces: Hair brushes and toothbrushes

With their spacey mind always focused on a higher purpose, Pisces is likely to stop seeing the mess that’s caking on to the grooming tools they use every day.

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