Storing Your Shoes Seasonally

Storing Your Shoes Seasonally

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 16, 2008

With fall weather rolling in it's time to start thinking about mixing up our wardrobes. We all know that maintenance to the small aspects of your home in a timely fashion (with the seasons) can help keep the clutter down and the organization up in your space, so let's start with the smallest part of our wardrobe... shoes. Click through the jump to get tips on keeping shoes stored, sorted and in tip top shape...

An article by Erin Doland for Real Simple caught our eye this morning. It talks about seasonal shoe rotation, which is something we always mean to do, but if your house is anything like our house, it can fall by the wayside when other things come along.

1. Collect and evaluate your summer shoes. Gather all of your shoes together and give them a thorough scanning. How are the soles of the shoes? The interiors? Are materials frayed or in need of repair? Do you have more than you wish you had? Did any cause you a summer full of blisters?

2. Clean and repair the shoes worth keeping. After evaluating your collection, decide which shoes should stay and which should go. The shoes you choose to keep need to be cleaned and repaired (if necessary) so that they are ready to be worn when the weather warms back up in the spring. A gentle cleaner (like Soak) is fine for spot cleaning fabrics on shoes. An old toothbrush dipped in soapy water also can get into nooks and crannies of rubber soles on shoes. And, I recommend taking leather shoes to your local cobbler for repairs and a deep cleaning.

3. Store the shoes you'll enjoy wearing next summer. I suggest putting your shoes into clear plastic shoe boxes for the cooler months. The boxes will keep dust off your shoes, bugs out of the fabric and leather, and easily allow you to see into the boxes when you switch them out in six months. I suggest putting a lavender sachet into each box to keep odors to a minimum. Also, if any of your shoes should need shoe trees to help keep their shape, I suggest putting those into your shoes, too.

4. Donate or recycle the shoes you have chosen to part with at the end of the season. Again, this is when your local cobbler can be a good resource. Mine have always known of local charities and recycling programs that accept old shoes. Only donate barely worn shoes to charity, all others should be recycled.

5. Bring winter shoes out of storage and prepare your closet for cooler weather.

Photo and adorable shoes by melissann via Flickr. Thanks Melissa!

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