This TikTok-Famous Luggage Organizer Makes Packing and Unpacking Clothes so Much Easier (and Reduces Wrinkling!)

published Jul 23, 2021
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Credit: Dima Sidelnikov/Shutterstock

There’s no easy way around it: Packing is usually a tedious and stress-inducing task. Some travelers make strategic checklists to make sure nothing gets left behind, others are chronic overpackers, and some (like me) fly by the seat of their pants and hope they don’t forget something at home. Then, once the destination has been reached, people either unpack immediately or live day-to-day out of their suitcase. I fall into the latter category. But after scrolling on TikTok, I came across a product that not only keeps your belongings organized while traveling, but also gets them out of your suitcase: the Stow-N-Go Luggage Organizer.

The Stow-N-Go is a hit with TikTok travelers because it makes keeping track of everything you packed a total breeze. You simply fill it with your clothes, toiletries, and anything else you may need before collapsing it and putting the entire organizer into your suitcase or carry-on. There’s even a zippered pouch at the bottom to help separate dirty clothes and shoes from your clean clothes. The Stow-N-Go is also equipped with hooks so you can hang it in a closet upon arrival. “For such a simple organizer it has a lot of features I absolutely love,” said one big fan of the Stow-N-Go on Amazon. “First of all, they fit nicely inside of a 20” carry-on suitcase so you can put that plus your toiletries and shoes in a suitcase to keep it all together while traveling. Secondly, the adjustable clip acts as a compression strap to really help cinch it down to fit it into a suitcase. Before our trips, I’ll put our clothes inside the organizer, clasp the clip, and then use the straps to cinch it down and plop it right into the suitcase.”

For someone who can be pretty laissez-faire with packing, I tend to be overly concerned about any mishaps that could happen while traveling. Is my luggage being handled too roughly? Will my hats and shoes get crushed? What I like about the Stow-N-Go is that it seems to be an added layer of protection for your clothes. The luggage organizer is made of an easy-to-clean polyester in case you ever need to wipe it down, and it even helps to keep your clothing wrinkle-free. “These are amazing,” said one buyer, “You can pack and unpack quickly. Clothes don’t shift and wrinkle up. It’s like having a file cabinet in your suitcase. It even works great when it stays in your suitcase at your destination if you can’t hang it up.”

Based on reviews, travelers have been able to fit 3–7 days worth of clothes into the Stow-N-Go, depending on whether or not they’re using it alone or sharing it with a companion. “I just love it,” began a review from a shopper who is a self-professed over-packer, “I travel a lot. Now, I don’t have to hang anything up but my organizer. I can see what I pack and where everything is. Just love it! I can easily fit seven days worth of outfits and three pairs of shoes in a carry-on suitcase.” Another customer who shared the Stow-N-Go with their husband managed to fit 3-4 days of clothing inside of it for a week-long trip.

With the experience-driven nature of TikTok, it’s no wonder that many turn to the app for travel finds and often strike gold. I’m glad to have found one more travel gem that will turn my bad packing habits around for good.

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