‘Stranger Things’ Announced Season 4, and Twitter Turned Upside Down

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Credit: Netflix

[Spoilers for “Stranger Things” season 3.]

If you’re into the Netflix original “Stranger Things,” then I’m going to wager a bet right now that you’re really into it. The phenomenal cast, otherworldly storyline, expertly crafted time period details, excellent music—it’s all a part of why this creeptastic show had a cult-like following right off the bat. And as things go with shows like this one, we devotees are eager for our time with it to continue. Especially when it’s a show that likes to leave us with season finale cliffhangers. 

That’s exactly what happened at the end of the last season, (I’m not trying to put spoilers in here, but if you know, you know) and it’s given us all the more reason to wonder how soon we can pick up where we left off with the narrative—or if we can at all. Shows aren’t always renewed, you know! Luckily for the fans spread far and wide, a fourth season is now official.

A teaser that’s been released might suggest that a certain occupant of a certain cabin in the woods could still be alive and that’s enough to amplify the buzz among fans so much that we can almost hear it blasting out of the Internet. And Twitter, of course, is ready for all of this. 

Look. A lot of people are banking on Hopper still being a character in this show and a lot of people will feel a little unhinged if his open-ended vanishing at the end of Season 3 winds up meaning permanent death.

TFW you find out one of your favorite shows is coming back for another season and you’re ready to celebrate.

I think this is what we call visioning.

But some people are a little more skeptical. Take a close look, folks, but don’t get too attached to any theories yet. 

Yes. We feel the same way. Breathe. 

We also feel this way. All kinds of excitement all around.

Do whatever you want with the script, “Stranger Things” masterminds, but just know there could be consequences if you don’t, you know, make the story go how we want it to go.

While the release date for the next season is still unknown (and it’s likely to be pretty far off into the future), we’re willing to wait. (Also: we don’t have a choice.)