Strategic Tree Planting = Energy Savings

Strategic Tree Planting = Energy Savings

Gregory Han
Jul 8, 2008

Over the weekend, we finally got around to taking the Trees for a Green LA quiz with the idea we'd take up the city's offer for a few free trees to add to our garden. One of the notable benefits of planting trees around the home are their effects on temperature inside and out. By following the advice of creating a "horseshoe" layout, with trees on the east, south and west sides, you could passively reduce the ambient and interior temps of your home while also beautifying it. The graphic above shows how to effectively use your surrounding garden as a natural air conditioner, using small, medium and small sized trees. A few of the trees available for free are shown under the jump...

[image: Trees for a Green LA]

Unfortunately, we couldn't take up on this offer after taking the quiz and learning the recommended distance between planting trees and hardscape elements (walls, walkways, foundation, etc) was not compatible with our building's garden layout. Disappointing, as we know our garden could do with a little more shade. We'll just have to look into alternatives like planting vertically climbing plants using a trellis or planting smaller trees or hedges inside larger containers.

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