Stressed? It Might Be Because of Where You Live, According to This Study

Stressed? It Might Be Because of Where You Live, According to This Study

Brittney Morgan
Jun 5, 2017

There are a lot of factors that go into how stressed you feel on a day-to-day basis—your job, your relationships, your health, money, and the political climate, among a whole host of other things—but did you know that where you live can contribute, too?

A new study from WalletHub has found the most—and least—stressful states in America, scoring and ranking them according to qualities like average work hours, job security, affordable housing availability, divorce rates, credit scores, crime rates, health data and more. So, what is the most stressful state in the country? Alabama, as it turns out.

With an total score of 56.91, Alabama ranked at 5th place in the country for work-related stress, 2nd place for money-related stress, 5th place for family-related stress, and 6th place for health and safety-related stress, putting it in 1st place overall.

Along with Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia and Kentucky all fill out the top 5 spots, making them the most stressful states in America. New York and California, on the other hand, fell squarely in the middle of the stress scale, with New York at 25 and California at 23—with scores of 45.06 and 45.08, respectively.

Good news if you live in Utah, South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota, however—these states make up the 5 least stressful states in the nation, with Minnesota taking the 51st spot (the study included Washington, D.C. as well) with the lowest score of 31.07.

The study also listed the top most stressful states by factor, and some of it may surprise you. Here's the breakdown:

Average Hours Worked per Week

Most hours: Alaska
Least hours: Utah

Job Security

Lowest job security: Kentucky
Highest job security: Delaware

Credit Score

Lowest credit score: Mississippi
Highest credit score: North Dakota

Percentage of Population Below the Poverty Line

Highest percentage: Mississippi
Lowest percentage: New Hampshire

Amount of Affordable Housing

Least affordable housing: Hawaii
Most affordable housing: Iowa

Divorce Rate

Highest divorce rate: District of Columbia
Lowest divorce rate: Utah

Percentage of Adults in Fair/Poor Health

Highest percent in poor health: West Virginia
Lowest percent in poor health: New Hampshire

Crime Rate per Capita

Highest crime rate: District of Columbia
Lowest crime rate: Vermont

Amount of Psychologists per Capita

Fewest psychologists: Louisiana
Most psychologists: District of Columbia

Average Hours of Sleep per Night

Fewest hours of sleep: Hawaii
Most hours of sleep: South Dakota

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