Stretching Fabric on IKEA Tyglösa Frames

Stretching Fabric on IKEA Tyglösa Frames

Jackie Boucher
Sep 20, 2010

We took IKEA's Tyglösa frames for a test run this past weekend and it proved to be an easy and inexpensive way to add color and character to one of our walls. As an added bonus, while stocking up on staples at the hardware store, we ran into a very helpful person who used to stretch canvases for a living. We followed her advice and it worked!

1. First, find your crop. We happened to have a long continuous piece of fabric in which we could choose various crops. Alternatively, you could use three different coordinating fabric patterns.

2. Cut the fabric giving yourself plenty of room to wrap the fabric along the returns to the back where you will need to staple it. We used an electric staple gun with the shorter 1/4 inch staples. Make sure you staple on an angle. If you go straight across and you catch the grain of the fabric, the whole piece could tear at the staple point.

3. Put your first staple in at the center of the top. Next, pull tight and staple directly below at the bottom. Then repeat for the left and right sides.

4. Start at the top again and flank the first staple with two more, about 2 inches apart, pulling tight of course. Then repeat for the bottom, the left and the right. Continue stapling, leaving enough room to fold fabric at the corners, about 2 inches.

5. For the corners, fold the fabric so that it's flat and as smooth as possible. Present wrapping skills will go far here, but note in the photo above that you will end up with a double flap. Try practicing it a couple of times before stapling it.

Note the IKEA Tyglösa Frames, 50 cm x 50 cm ($5 each) have two unexpected features: the inside edge is routered so the the fabric face is smooth, and there is a groove at the back perfectly designed to hang on a nail or two.

(Images: IKEA and Jackie Boucher)

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