StrollAway by MetroTots

StrollAway by MetroTots

Carrie McBride
May 1, 2012

Name: StrollAway by MetroTots
Price: $39.99
Rating: Recommend

Buying a stroller can be a confusing decision. There are so many to choose from and, especially as a first time parent, it's hard to know which features to prioritize. One thing parents in small homes often overlook when stroller shopping is where they're going to put the damn thing. The StrollAway was designed with just these parents in mind.

The Strollaway is a simple product — an adjustable, over the door hook to hang your stroller up and out of the way. It was invented by Mary Ann Malone, who, as a New York City parent, was surprised that no one else had come up with a product to solve the problem of storing strollers in small homes.

I own two strollers: a Phil & Teds Sport (currently in storage) and a Maclaren Volo (purchased when my son was 2 for subway trips and to bring to daycare). Where to keep them has certainly been a problem over the years. When my son was younger I used his stroller every day, often multiple times, so it had to be accessible. The "solution" I came up with was to "park" the stroller next to the dining room table. And when we ate — I wheeled it somewhere else until the meal was over. Yeah, not much of a solution.

MetroTots sent me a StrollAway to test out — here's what I thought.

The Product

As you can see, the StrollAway is small and hangs about a foot from the top of the door. It's made of steel, but is lightweight. According to the company, it can hold strollers up to 40 lbs. and can accommodate most stroller types, including some double strollers.


There really isn't any assembly. The StrollAway is simply slipped over your door like any over the door hook. However, you can adjust it for wider doors by removing a metal spacer with one screw. I tried this and it took about 10 seconds to change. With the spacer out, it fit well on my thicker, exterior apartment door. With the spacer in, it fit comfortably on an interior closet door.

Here you can see that the StrollAway's arms can be adjusted into different angles to suit your particular stroller. You lift the hooks up and rotate them into the positions that work for you.


Fold your stroller and hang by the stroller arms.


Caveat: because my large, heavy stroller was in storage out of state, I was only able to test the StrollAway with my light weight umbrella stroller. My guess is that even if the product can accommodate heavy strollers, the act of constantly lifting a heavy stroller to hang could be cumbersome and difficult for most parents.

That said, for my small stroller, it has been a success. No more leaning the stroller against tables and having it fall. No more tucking it behind furniture. I chose to hang mine on the outside of a closet door because the inside is used for coats, but if you have a larger closet your stroller could truly be out of sight.

• Frees up floor space.
• Eliminates the annoyance of folded strollers falling over.
• Affordable.
• Renter friendly.

• After hanging for a few weeks I did notice some indentations on the foam around my stroller arms from the weight of hanging. This doesn't bother me, but it might you.
• Could be cumbersome/difficult to lift a heavy stroller on and off the hook.
• When removing the stroller, the angles you've chosen for the hooks sometimes change and need to be readjusted.

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