Sharing a Studio Apartment and Working From Home

Sharing a Studio Apartment and Working From Home

Adrienne Breaux
Dec 11, 2009

Rebecca shared some great tips on how to handle small space cabin fever last month. What if you live in a studio apartment with your boyfriend, he's currently unemployed, and you work from home?

Even if the scenario described doesn't apply to you, some people work from home while living with a partner (even a roommate). In our own apartment, we have me (the workaholic) and my boyfriend (currently unemployed but looking). Add the fact that we live in a 400 square foot studio apartment and things aren't always sunny. Though we might not follow them all the time, we came up with three rules on how to deal with our tight living/working situation:

1.) Synchronize/compromise the schedule. If I had my way, I'd wake up at 7am. Being that my "office" is also our bedroom/living room/kitchen, this doesn't sit well with a boyfriend who likes to sleep in every now and then. The compromise: I can get up at 8am but the blinds can't go up until 9am.
2.) Establish a work day. My work hours sometimes get in the way of inviting guests over, playing music, watching TV, etc. We've set "work day" hours here in the apartment, where I get reasonably quiet and guest-free hours to get work done and afterwards anything goes.
3.) Don't let the "office" take over the apartment. Containing clutter, cutting back on stuff, cleaning up the work area after every day---all things that play a huge part in having a corner of an apartment that is both an office and dining room (though, as evidenced by the above photo, I need to take my advice).

Do you live in a similar situation? If so, how do you deal with working from home and living with a partner? Do you have your own rules? Any stories from the living/working arrangement not working out? Let us know!

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