Studio Visit: Anna Bondoc

The other day I paid a visit to artist Anna Bondoc. I was curious to see the space where she creates her unique and intricate art.

Anna’s art is deceptively simple in appearance. But stare at it for a few minutes and it begins to shimmer, inviting you to look more closely and discover the complexity of its construction. Colored paper is layered and then intricately cut to create shadows and depth in patterns that reveal influences from Midcentury Modern to Japan, from the Arts & Crafts movement to Scandinavia, creating artwork that can “play well with others”.

Her studio, a compact space carved out of her partner’s garage, is a serene oasis, part Japanese tea house, part elf workshop. The work, both finished and unfinished, framed and in tactile pieces, creates intriguing vignettes around the small space. Recently, Anna has begun to branch out, putting her patterns on pieces that range from notecards to children’s nameplates, experimenting with fabric and wallpaper.

To see the full line of her work: Anna Bondoc

Images: Abby Stone