Susie’s Rustic Feminine Studio

I love the idea of translating the look and energy of a sprawling country home into a tiny studio apartment. Add a few simple, modern pieces with clean lines for a bit of urban edge and you’ve got a gorgeous and functional space at any size.


1 The rustic feminine studio is anchored by a stylish and grown-up version of a loft bed; block-printed fabric curtains hanging from the loft structure create a walk-in closet and office area beneath. Ever since I saw this design in Domino I’ve wanted to try and make it work in a real room. It was the work of the extremely talented Robin Sillau, who passed away tragically late last year. (To see more of Robin’s designs, read her interview on Decor8.)

2 The Laptop Coffee Table from Dwell is an amazing conversion table that allows you to dine at your sofa, then put your feet up afterwards. Great when you don’t have space for both a living area and a dining area.

3 A tall mirror leaning against a wall creates the illusion of space. I love the mirrors made by Olde Good Things from New York area architectural salvage bits and pieces, like these tin ceiling tiles.

4 I love the rustic charm of the Draper’s Cabinet from Sundance, which is a great multi-functional piece for display and storage.

5 For a studio kitchen, the Indian vertical dish rack from Tsé and Tsé is a great-looking space saver.


6 A couple of Fermob bistro folding chairs hanging on a closet wall are a must for entertaining in the rustic feminine studio…

7 …and so are a few floor pillows for bonus seating! The Roost Pondicherry Floor PIllows are available at Velocity Art and Design.

8 The Slim console table from Room and Board is only ten inches deep; perfect for creating a little landing strip just inside the studio door.

9 With these Pillar candles from India Rose, you can have flattering candlelight without keeping lots of bulky candlesticks around.

10 Plants generate energy and vitality in a small space. A vertical garden from Woolly Pockets uses wall space efficiently and beautifully.