Victorian Trading Co.

Even though my own style is a mix of modern and traditional, I still enjoy and appreciate the more old fashioned styles. The Victorian Trading Co. has me imagining life in a Charles Dickens novel.

This time of year especially has me fantasizing about running away for a weekend to a cozy B&B, thumbing through old books and roasting chestnuts by the fireplace while listening to actual records!
Should this be your style (or you plan on outfitting a B&B), The Victorian Trading Co. is a one stop shopping catalog with everything from lace tablecloths to kitchen stoves. They also have a pretty impressive selection of seasonal decor and period costumes.

Tuscan Potbelly Stove – $495

Rue de Renoir Velvet Bed – $1,295

Victorian Stoveworks – $6,270

19th Century Ceiling Fan – $1,795