Stumasa’s New Website

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are longtime fans of Stumasa, an understated and design-conscious furniture and housewares business in Cole Valley (see an extensive write-up here). The store is often described as a Mom and Pop version of Ikea. So we are pleased to discover that this great resource has finally created a website to makes their wares available online.

For now all you can do online is peruse, mainly sturdy raw pine and alder furniture which they make themselves in Oakland or order for you from a manufacturer in Oregon. For some crazy reason known only to Maybelle and Greg (the Mom and the Pop), this distinction is their top-level menu choice, which makes browsing a little weird. From a customer perspective top-level choices like “Bedroom,” Storage,” etc. would have been more useful and intuitive.

Still, you can’t beat Stumasa for basics and for simple San Francisco classics like the Victorian cubbies). This little business’s combo of quality and customize-ability is rare at such low price points.

The online shopping function is still in the works, but for now you can peruse a fairly large selection of goods, and you can also submit a form that will fetch you a quote for a custom piece. There’s also a helpful section on finishes (raw, stained, painted), both DIY and the ever convenient H.T.D.I.F.Y., or Have Them Do It For You (acronym ours).

Visit Stumasa online here.