Style Lessons from Today's Small Cool Entries (Vote for Your Favs!)

Style Lessons from Today's Small Cool Entries (Vote for Your Favs!)

Carrie McBride
May 4, 2016
(Image credit: Carrie McBride)

Every home has something to teach and each small home in the Small Cool contest holds lessons and tricks for living well while living small. Below is some wisdom from today's crop of entries including the value of wheels, defining a nook with paint and when it makes perfect sense to place your furniture on an angle.

Take a look at today's entries and vote for your favs!

Go Up

Lacy calls the 15 ft tall ceilings in her apartment a "game changer" and she takes full advantage with high shelving around her apartment.

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

Underbed storage = A. Underbed storage on wheels = A+

(Image credit: reader Cor

Work with your Angles

Cory makes sense of this oddly shaped room by placing his bed at an angle, but keeping the rug perpendicular to the bed. These choices maximize the footprint and minimize the oddness of the wall angles.

Define with Paint

Fabian carved out a small dining nook in his apartment and painted the surrounding small walls black which makes the space feel intimate and set apart from the rest of the room.

In a Tight Corner

Using two desks pushed together into the corner allows for two workspaces in this office and the arrangement of mirrors both reflects light and functions as art.

Know All the Angles

At first glance, Abigail's loveseat on an angle is a puzzling choice but she explains that it allows her to put store things behind it in the corner. Voila!

Pretty Storage

If you don't have ample closet space for storing your extras, turn to attractive storage bins or baskets and keep your prettiest stuff in them, like Melissa's leather-handle baskets and pillows. Save your precious closet space for eyesores like vacuum cleaners.

Couch + Bed Potato

In a small home, where you place your tv should be an early decision. Madeline's placement smartly lets her view it from bed or the sofa - a silver lining of small space living!

Hang Ups

Nikolas has an impressive 83 plants in his home! Eventually you run out of surface spaces but, as Nikolas' home illustrates, you can find plenty of ways to hang them or mount a planter on the wall.

Go Modular

Instead of traditional shelving, Daishi uses deep tins stacked into a pyramid. This is a good idea for small homes because you can add or subtract tins as needed, break them up into smaller groupings or move them around the house.

Slide Over

We've seen a few sliding doors in Small Cool homes this year and we hope it's a growing trend! Not only are they space savers since they don't require a footprint for a door swing, but they look great, too, especially in this standout blue.

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