Style Lessons from Today’s Small Cool Entries (Vote for Your Favs!)

published Apr 30, 2016
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(Image credit: Carrie McBride)

Every home has something to teach and each small home in the Small Cool contest holds lessons and tricks for living well while living small. Below is some wisdom from today’s crop of entries including many lessons on curtains: how to use them to best effect in a small home and when maybe you don’t need them at all.

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(Image credit: reader Chelsea)

You Do You

Sure, putting a loveseat at the foot of your bed isn’t typical, but it works in Chelsea’s small studio and that’s all that matters.

(Image credit: reader Kathryn)

Play all the Angles

As if figuring out furniture layouts in a small room isn’t hard enough, features like windows and radiators often make it even trickier. Kathryn chose to place her bed at a slight angle in the corner to avoid covering these pretty windows and it totally works.

(Image credit: reader Simon)

A Little Drama

Who says small homes can’t go for the dramatic? Simon’s bedroom doesn’t play it safe and it’s all the more memorable.

(Image credit: reader Elise)

Curtain Raiser

Elise’s windows are rather short but hanging the curtains close to the ceiling visually elevates the window and the wall.

(Image credit: reader Emma)

Baby Got Tie Backs

Curtain tie backs have fallen a little out of favor and are associated with more formal homes, but they do a great job keeping the curtains to the side and letting all the light in.

(Image credit: reader Adisty)

Outside In

Adisty’s balcony is an extension of the house and not using any curtains at all here downplays the division between inside and out.

(Image credit: reader Chris)

Edit, edit, edit

Chris sings the praises of being a strong editor of your home and he follows his own advice by letting the focus fall on the things he truly loves.

(Image credit: reader Graham)

Shelf Life

Graham loves plants and peppers them throughout his home. Without a ton of surface space in the kitchen he chose to build a shelf into the window to hold a row of little green friends.